Our Wall Bed Mechanism

One of the most important parts of any Wall Bed is the mechanism. If the Wall Bed stays in the open and closed position then great, but this is no good if the opening process and closing process is awkward, unsafe and overly complicated.

 As mentioned before we have 3 rules and the Simple rule is shown when we designed our opening and closing mechanism. We do not use unsightly Gas Cylinders which are guaranteed to fail at some point, and not to mention the mess the oil makes when the unit does fail and the oil is sprayed everywhere due to the pressure.

 We have tried and tested many mechanisms over the years and even developed Wall Beds that were cheap to manufacture, but every time the quality was compromised and we felt that really cheap Wall Beds are a bad idea and we should stick to the high quality WISKAWAY® Wall Beds customers expect from us. Our spring mechanism is simple but very strong, the strongest on the Wall Bed market!

We also have a child safety feature which will prevent small children pulling down our Vertical WISKAWAY Wall Bed because the children do have the height required to get better leverage.

Our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds are counterbalanced and at about 45 degrees the bed will not move up or down unless being guide by hand. Our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed is refreshingly light to operate, come into our Showroom to try it for yourself, not like traditional Wall Beds which were heavy to operate.

 Our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed features an automatic folding leg which opens and closes as you raise the bed and lower the bed. You can comfortably operate our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed with one hand and our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds have been used comfortably by children (not the small ones we referred to above) and the elderly, even individuals with disabilities.


Certain aspects of our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds have been copied over the years, we have seen many Wall Bed companies start up as a new company and then disappear years or months after they have sold their cheap quality beds. We have been around for 34yrs and that is over 3 times more than the length of our Guarantee, some Wall Beds suppliers do not make it past their own Guarantee period which can be as little as 1-5yrs.


We do not use wooden slates because they are horrible to sleep on, there is no comfort on the solid slates and the flexible ones tend to break eventually under the weight of the mattress. With both these types of slates you will find gap in between each slate and your mattress has no support for the coil or springs inside. We use a mesh, it is guaranteed to never sag and supports your whole mattress. Not to mention it also allows for your mattress to breathe rather than be pressed against wood and cause condensation. We have tested our mattresses and beds for years rather than minutes or days, most of our staff have our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds in their home. In comparison to the slatted Wall Beds available our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds give you and your mattress a better level of support, we have found that new mattresses on slatted beds are to begin with but as soon as the springs on the mattress get regular use/pressure, you can feel the discomfort caused by the gaps in between the slates.


Don’t take our word for it, have a look at our competitors and then compare it to our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed, you will see the difference!

Visit us online at www.wallbeds-direct.com or why not see our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed in action at Suite 224, The Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB.