Our Cheap & Affordable Wall Beds

When searching the internet for a product, the term cheap is usually a keyword most people use to find a lower priced item. Unless you are searching for a particular brand and model then the internet will show lots of results for cheap products, there is one problem with this search method.....you actually get cheap poor quality items. We here at Wall Beds Direct believe that what you want is an affordable Wall Bed built of high quality materials, not cheap or the finest materials, who really wants a Diamond Encrusted bed frame with 24ct Gold coating when it is hidden during the day? Actually sounds amazing, but we would personally spend the extra money on a holiday. In regards to cheap materials, you do not expect a Wall Bed to be made out of materials that are not fit for purpose, do you? We have been selling our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds for over 34yrs with just 3 simple rules, make it Strong, Simple and Affordable.


Our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds are by far the strongest on the market (don't believe us, come and see it in action at our Regent Street Showroom), we have heard stories from many customers about the strength of our WISKAWAY®  Wall Bed. For example, a customer dropped our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed down the stairs when they were moving home and the WISKAWAY® Wall Bed had no visible damage, the same could not be said about the engineered floor! Please don't think our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed weighs a tonne, it can be easily lifted by two people or one depending on the size. On that note it’s time to show off, we put 1 tonne of weight on our Double WISKAWAY® Wall Bed and the WISKAWAY® Wall Bed just sat there as if nothing was going on. This is where the Strong part of our rules come into play.


No gas struts/cylinders, no fancy mechanism that will cost the Earth to put right when it fails, no maintenance and no chance of a catastrophic failure with the folding mechanism. We have the strongest springs on any Wall Bed we have seen and trust us when we say we have seen a lot of Wall Beds in our time. Operated with one hand, thanks to a clever automatic folding leg, not to mention it can be operated with as little as two fingers! This part ticks the box for our Simple rule.


Now onto the part you have been waiting for.....affordable! Over 34yrs we have not changed our design, except where we have been able to improve the quality. An example of this, well we used to have a leg bar that needed to be fixed to the floor additionally to the base. We scrapped that and incorporated the fitting into the base so only one item needs securing to the floor. Our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed is Simple, Strong and we are so confident our product that we give you a 10yr Guarantee! Here is the downside for us, but a huge plus for you, our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds easily outlast the Guarantee, so unfortunately for us we do not get repeat business unless the customer needs another Wall Bed for another room. Well we do get loads of recommendations so I guess it balances out! Remember the WISKAWAY® Wall Bed is maintenance free, so all we ask is that you use your bed as per the instructions and it could last you a lifetime. We installed additional WISKAWAY® Wall Beds for 2 existing customers who both had their WISKAWAY® Wall Beds for over 30yrs! When we have improved our design we have never comprised on quality, our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds are still built using high quality materials. Who else do you know who will provide a 10yr Guarantee on their Wall Beds or normal Divan Beds at no extra cost? Not forgetting our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds have been designed for daily heavy duty use and our Single WISKAWAY® Wall Beds can take up to 31st in weight.


There you have it a Simple, Strong and Affordable Wall Bed, for those of you who are not convinced it is affordable, let me ask you a question. Our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed could last you a lifetime, is this not more cost effective than replacing your 'cheap' Wall Bed because it failed? Even if you replace the 'cheap' Wall Bed just the once, you have still paid out a lot more than you planned too and in most cases more than what it would have cost to purchase our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed.


We don't do 'cheap' Wall Beds, we give you what you expect, an Affordable Wall Bed that is Strong and Simple to use.


Visit us online at www.wallbeds-direct.com or why not see our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed in action at Suite 224, The Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB.