Wall Bed FAQs

What are 'WISKAWAY'® Wall Beds?

'WISKAWAY'® Wall Beds (the original Wentelbeds®) pivot away flat against the wall, either on end ('Vertical') or sideways ('Horizontal'). 'WISKAWAY' Wallbeds offer all the safety, comfort, convenience and durability of quality conventional sprung-based divan beds, but can be stowed away effortlessly and fully made-up when not required. Use them to free up extra daytime space in which to work, study, play, entertain or just relax!

All our 'WISKAWAY' Wallbeds come with the following features:

  • They are safe and easy to handle, even for the young or old and ready to use in seconds.
  • They take a proper Interior Sprung Mattress and standard bedding and pivot away fully made up, for REGULAR nightly use.
  • They are fully counterbalanced and have automatic leg action.
  • They have strong hand welded tubular steel frames with firm, non-sag steel mesh bases.
  • They are supplied complete with flexible hook-on bedding retaining straps.
  • They are guaranteed for 10 years!

    Will they stand up to regular nightly use?

    YES! They can be used with a proper Interior Sprung Mattress and folded away fully made up. There is nothing temporary or makeshift about 'WISKAWAY'® Wallbeds. They are designed to withstand regular nightly use, by heavy adults and boisterous children alike. The secret is a heavy-duty, hand welded, tubular steel frame, combined with a unique, pre-tensioned, woven steel mesh base, which is guaranteed never to sag and allows air to circulate freely around the mattress and bedding to help prevent condensation. All 'WISKAWAY' Wallbeds are guaranteed for 10 years against defective materials and workmanship and will give years of service and satisfaction.

    How comfortable are they?

    EXTREMELY! A firm sprung base ensures proper anatomical support, similar to continental-style wooden slatted beds, but much stronger - (no wooden slats, or 'foundations' to break). To complement our 'WISKAWAY'® Wallbeds, we offer a choice of hotel quality, medium, or firm, Interior Sprung Mattresses. Alternatively, you can supply your own mattress - an existing one, your favourite brand, or a foam mattress for instance.

    Are they safe and easy to handle?

    VERY! The hand welded tubular steel construction of our 'WISKAWAY'® Wallbed frames, makes for maximum strength, combined with minimum weight. For safety and ease of operation, all 'WISKAWAY' Wallbeds feature automatic leg action and are additionally counterbalanced, by means of strong steel springs. By adding or subtracting springs the counterbalancing can be adjusted to cope with different weights of mattress and bedding. This makes lifting the beds up and down 'a piece of cake' - especially for our young, elderly or our many disabled customers.

    Since 'WISKAWAY' Wallbeds can be stowed away fully made up, they can be 'down' and ready to use in literally seconds! Flexible bedding retaining straps, supplied with the beds, attach permanently to one end or side and are simply hooked across, to hold the mattress and bedding in place before the bed is folded away. Nothing could be simpler!

    Can they drop down or fold away of their own accord?

    NO! A built in spring safety mechanism ensures that small children cannot get enough leverage to pull the bed down and that the bed actually pulls itself closed at the end of the 'up' cycle and cannot drop down of its own accord. As regards the beds folding away with someone on them, this simply cannot happen.

    Why do you use springs rather than gas struts to counterbalance your wall beds?

    As the UK's longest established wallbed supplier having, over the years, tried and tested many different counterbalancing mechanisms ourselves and having come across many other systems used by our competitors, we have found strong steel springs to be by far the best, simplest and most durable system.

    Gas struts can leak gas as they get older (and so lose their power) eventually needing to be replaced (which can require special tools and expertise). They also have a shaft which is lubricated with oil and this can stain the bedding/carpet. Moreover, gas struts are rated to provide a particular ‘power’ and this rating cannot be adjusted, for instance to cope with a heavier, or lighter mattress.

    Our heavy duty steel springs are designed to take a certain load too. However, if you have a heavier load, you can simply add a spring or, for a lighter load you can remove a spring. These high quality springs can be added and removed, by hand, in just a few seconds, will not lose their power over time and require no maintenance whatsoever.

    Do they need special bedding?

    NO! 'Wiskaway®' Wall Beds are designed for use with standard sized spring interior (or foam) mattresses and either ordinary sheets and blankets, or fitted sheets and duvets. Our 'Vertical' 'WISKAWAY'® Wallbeds can additionally be used with a valance, a bedspread and a (wall mounted) headboard.

    Are they easy to place and install?

    YES! All 'WISKAWAY'® Wall Beds come with the bed frame in one piece*, flat packed for easy transportation and access, complete with simple to follow assembly/installation instructions and can be fitted by any competent handy person in about an hour. Alternatively, we can arrange to fit them for you in London and the Home Counties, where we also offer our Bespoke 'STUDIO RANGE' of Cupboard Surrounds and other matching storage units.

    *For situations where access is severely limited, (e.g.: narrow/curved stairs), we are able to offer our double 'WISKAWAY'® Wallbeds in two parts, which are then joined together on site to operate as one.

    Do you offer an installation service?