Our Wall Bed Kit

One of most asked questions about Wall Beds is 'How difficult is your Wall Bed to fit?'


Guess what? Its EASY - not difficult at all if you have basic DIY skills! Our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed frame is the strongest on the market and we have by far the best mechanism, people always associate 'difficult' when it comes to installing such a high quality Wall Bed, men & women of all ages have installed our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds. Once unwrapped, in less than 30 minutes you will be lying down on it!


All our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds have 2 packages plus mattress retaining straps and an optional mattress. Our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds are hand welded together, no we are not stuck in the 18th Century with when it comes to technology, we know that a lot of care and attention has been put into the manufacturing of every WISKAWAY® Wall Bed. Why else would be so confident in giving you a FREE 10 year Guarantee.


We always send you instructions with your invoice so you know what to expect when your WISKAWAY® Wall Bed arrives. Our instructions are detailed but here’s a quick guide…..unwrap the base, unwrap the frame, fix the base, bolt on the bed frame and leg bar mechanism to the base, add springs – depending on mattress weight to get the bed fully counterbalanced, this can easily be done by hand no tools needed for the spring……..that’s its!


Our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds are floor fixed, the reason why we fit them to the floor, simply because most houses have a stronger floor than wall to fix too. The key part of the installation is making sure you have the right screw for your floor. For example, if you are fitting the WISKAWAY® Wall Bed onto carpet and below the carpet is floor boards, then a wood screw should be used. Not a dry wall screw or a masonry screw, the wood screw has been specially designed to have maximum hold in wood.


We always recommend to have two people installing the WISKAWAY® Wall Bed, the list of tools needed is, 2x 13mm Spanner (or 2x 17mm Spanner if installing a King Size WISKAWAY® Wall Bed) or 13mm Spanner and a Mulgrip, a measuring tape, 20 Screws (make sure they are suitable for your type of flooring, you need wall plugs too), a combi drill (a drill and a screwdriver combined into one) or a drill and a hand screwdriver (this option will take longer installing).


We have a great support system in place, we can give you advice before you buy a bed, we are happy to advise you on lengths of screws once you contact us with information about where and onto what type of floor you are installing your WISKAWAY® Wall Bed. Our advice is FREE so make use of it, we do not just sell WISKAWAY® Wall Beds, we install them too so we know what we are talking about when it comes to giving you advice about your installation. Using a cabinet maker to make your cupboard surround? Hand them the fitting instructions and they will see how easy it is or alternatively get them to call us.


Visit us online at www.wallbeds-direct.com or why not see our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed in action at Suite 224, The Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB.