Wall Beds with Desks

Wall Beds have always been associated with small bedrooms or studio flats, you would be surprised at how many people use our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds in their office, double bedroom, children’s bedroom and living room. Christmas holidays and school term breaks are usually the most common times of the year when relatives visit each other. The biggest problem here is sleeping space as the family who visits during these times are not normally staying over on a weekly basis, so there is no need to keep extra space free at all times. That being said, does that mean you have to leave a traditional bed in the room and not be able to fully utilise that room? Of course not! Since we have installed our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds most customers have made their rooms dual purpose, thanks to the Wall Bed.

Normally the traditional bed would use up a lot of floor space when not in use, with our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed being folded away when not in use our clients have turned their spare/guest room into an office with loads of desk space either vertically or horizontally. The old self-assembled computer desks gave you no real space work but with the Wall Bed out of the way you can have a purpose built desk if you like, for things like schoolwork or working from home instead of the office.

You may be reading this and thinking, I do not need an office, that’s fine. Let me ask you what would you do now with the extra space? Maybe a ‘walk-in wardrobe’ but the size of a bedroom! How about a hobby room? A yoga room? The choice is yours.

We installed our Wall Bed for our client in their living room even though they owned a 6 bedroom house! 3 of the 6 rooms were not being used, so why not install the Wall Bed there? It's very simple, unfortunately, one member of the family had a really nasty fall and was struggling to climb the stairs. Then after months of recovery, this family member was able to climb stairs with ease, the family then reinstalled that same bed upstairs.

A couple wanted a Wall Bed for their son’s bedroom, Jack, who was 14 at the time. The problem the parents faced was a distraction. Their son was very easily distracted and living in a modest 3 bedroom house, however, there was nowhere but the dining table for the kids to study. Jack would study but if the TV came on or his parents were talking he would get distracted and then he would lose his train of thought. His parents tried for many evenings to leave him and his sister to study, the parents would go into another room. This worked brilliantly but the dining table was in their opening living space which incorporated the living room, dining room and kitchen. They decided to put a desk in Jacks box room, due to space issues, this was not possible. Upon researching on the internet they found us Wallbeds-Direct.com and purchased the bed. I am sure you can guess the rest, they installed the bed, purchased a good size desk and Jack’s parents have been pleased with his progress. The point of the story is not to say our Wall Bed will help you study but they created a dual purpose room which created a solution outside of sleeping space.

Our Wall Bed is a real space saver and all our beds are designed for the normal size of mattresses available in the UK. Do not settle for cheap alternatives as they do not last and also are not as compact as ours.