Wall Beds Twin Size

Outgrowing your living space

Are you becoming or have become a family who has outgrown your house? With the cost of housing increasing and extension works taking a lot of time and money than expected, a lot of homeowners are unsure what to do next.

We had a housing association approach us for some Wall Beds, we gave them a quote and like any organisation the housing association were trying to find the best deal. We did not hear back from them for months, eventually, we got a call requesting a new quote for our Wall Beds and to remove some existing Wall Beds in situ. We were a bit confused as for when we spoke to the buyer originally they told us these beds would be for a new build, so where did these other Wall Beds come from?

In our discussions, we find out that the housing association went for single cheap alternative Wall Beds from another supplier. These were installed in a room where children were sharing and after 3 months of daily use, both of the beds were showing different signs of damage. Our beds have been in situ now for 5 years and two families have used these beds, still they are in working order.

During the day the children could fold the bed away themselves to create this really big floor space to play on. One family folded the beds away during the day and used this space for tasks like ironing and even have a small folding table that the children used for their homework.

A young family who had their first child were living in a 1 bedroom flat and their living room turned into a mini nursery which consisted of the baby cot and changing table, plus Mum was sleeping on the sofa. It was fine until they had a lot more visitors over and struggled to even offer them a seat as the sofa was partially blocked by the cot and baby changing unit. A friend of theirs has one of our WISKAWAY® beds and suggested they look into this.

They purchased a Double Standard WISKAWAY® Wall Bed from us and it completely changed the ‘overcrowding’ issue. They moved the baby changing unit and cot into the bedroom and when the bed was folded away they could use the changing unit and cot much more easily as they did not struggle to move around their existing bed with the baby in their hands. In the evening the bed would come down and though the cot was right next to their bed, there was a little bit more space to move around as the WISKAWAY® wall bed is the most compact on the market, it took up less space than your original bed.

Good news the whole family was in one room during the night and during the day the living room was now fully accessible and now the parents could watch TV and socialise without worrying about waking up their child, who originally was sleeping in the living room.

A WISKAWAY® Wall Bed is not just about having a bed in a really small room, it's about how best to utilise your space whether it's big or small. WISKAWAY® Wall Bed are offered in both vertical and horizontal options.