Hidden Bed - Save Space with a Wall Bed!

When you mention the words Wall Beds, usually those words are associated with 70's comedies where someone gets folded away in a Wall Bed. Now that would be a brilliant idea if you wanted some peace and quiet, I can imagine most wives wanting to lock their husbands' away! Better watch my back!


You find yourself in a situation where you need another Bed for daily or regular use but during the day you need the floor space so a divan bed is not the ideal solution. Answer this question truthfully, what would you be thinking is the solution?


Most people will say extend your home, buy a sofa bed, convert an annex, buy a bigger home and the most surprising solution for families is for the 18yr + children to move out. It might be cost effective to rent somewhere over a longer term than pay thousands up front for an extension. However as rent prices and cost of living is going up, you need a sensible solution rather than throw away money.


Wall Beds have been around for many years (34yrs if we really want to show off), as mentioned earlier even in the 70's, but why are we not making use of these products? Put simple, most people automatically think they need to create more space (e.g. extensions or knocking down walls) but really the sensible solution is to make your existing space work better for you. 


A family with 2 young boys are currently living in a 2-bedroom house, the parents have their own room and the 2 boys are sharing a room. The only downside is that the boys room has 2 divan beds taking up the majority of the floor space, so they have limited wardrobe and study space. With a WISKAWAY® Wall Bed the room will be fully dual purpose during the day, enough room to work and play, plus as the beds fold away the boys get into a habit of making their beds everyday! A win win situation for everyone. Here's biggest benefit of our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed: it is easy to use for children and the elderly thanks to its Counterbalancing system. However, if you have really small room the safety feature will not allow them to pull the Vertical WISKAWAY® Wall Bed as they will not have the leverage.


Our Single WISKAWAY® Wall Beds take up approximately the same floor space a double wardrobe when folded away. Imagine standing your single divan bed on its head and that’s how much extra space you would regain in your room. What would you do with the extra space?


A Builder contacted us initially to purchase a 'WISKAWAY'® Wall Bed for one of his projects, he was so impressed the quality of our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed compared to our competitors that he installed our WISKAWAY® Wall Beds in his flat. During the day his children and dog can have more space to run around and play without having the fear of the children falling of their divan beds. Plus the playroom moved from the corner of the lounge to the kids rooms, creating more living space and creating less opportunities for vases getting broken!


You will be really impressed by how much space your new WISKAWAY® Wall Bed will give you back not to mention how spacious each bedroom will look and feel, make your guest room dual, with this extra space you could have a Man Cave or an in-home Salon!


So you now you have an idea of how to make better use of space without reverting to expense solutions. Let’s be honest if you need a bigger kitchen or living room, then an extension is the solution but if its just to create more space for Beds then we are the solution provider!


Visit us online at www.wallbeds-direct.com or why not see our WISKAWAY® Wall Bed in action at Suite 224, The Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB.