Horizontal Wall Bed

What is a Horizontal WISKAWAY® Wall Bed? In simple it’s a bed that folds away on its side, whereas a Vertical WISKAWAY® Wall Bed folds away from the head end of the bed. Horizontal Wall Beds are not as common as Vertical Wall Beds because they are most commonly used in low ceiling rooms with sloping roofs and underneath Windows.


Cheap Vertical Wall Beds is the first thing customers think off as they assume Horizontal Wall Beds are much more in price, you would be surprised to know there is not much difference.


The WISKAWAY® Horizontal and Vertical Wall Beds operate in the exact same way, you pull the down, undo the mattress retaining straps, sleep on it and then do the same in reverse to fold it away. These beds are counterbalanced, this means the bed is light to use, making it safe and easy to use even for the elderly.


Both beds have been designed for daily use and can be supplied with an optional 20cm (8”) Mattress. These are hard wearing beds, hence our 10 Year Guarantee. We do not use wooden slats on our wall beds but instead use a premium quality mesh, which gives extra comfort and is guaranteed to never sag so you get the best night’s rest.


 Unlike our competitors our beds can be used with one hand and the counterbalancing mechanism can be adjusted to suit the weight of your mattress. Gas struts are non-adjustable and if a heavier or lighter mattress is used then the bed could lift off the floor or be very heavy to operate, for this reason, we do not use Gas Struts.


As all our Wall Beds fit the floor, you can put our Wall Bed anywhere in your room, even in the middle! The bed will fold up and stay upright, it does not need a wall to rest against. This is brilliant for homes with weak plaster on the walls or plasterboard as the plasterboard requires special fixings and sometimes the plasterboard is not screwing into place but stuck on with strong grab adhesive.